We CuRAtE content for education and information purposes.

STEAM Ahead is a career blog that expands on the Adventures of Maddie Leon. Blog highlights STEM careers that rely and expand with the inclusion of ART. 

Careers explored include: 
Animator | Archeologist | Fashion Designer | Graphic Artist | Muralist | Sports Announcer | Stage Craft |Sound Engineer | Urban Planner | Video/Photo Journalist|

visit maddie-and-wynn.com/STEAM to learn more about STEAM jobs (launches August 2020)

Jojo Kofi Afram’s Eclectic Cookbook continues the Adventures of Maddie Leon by sharing culture infused recipes for you to make at home. 

Everyday snacks or meals to make at home with: 
Crepes| Tacos | Dumplings | Potatoes | Eggs | Rice | Cakes | Pizza | Soup | Pasta

visit maddie-and-wynn.com/JOJO (launches August 2020)

Public Legal Education* for schools, communities, workplaces and you – in print, PDF, e-book and wiki formats.

For public legal education and information (PLEI) on the following topics - 
Fundamentals of Canadian Law | Criminal and Civil Law | Family Law | Young People and the Law | Driving in BC | Child Support in BC | Older People and Elder Law | Working in BC | Human Trafficking in Canada (English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Tagalog) | Paying Taxes in BC | Workplace Bullying and Harassment | Family Violence and Abuse | Child Protection in BC | Preparing a Will | Being an Executor | Consequences of a Youth Record | Law-Related for English as a Second Language Leaners | Scams to Avoid | Talking to the Police | Consumer Law | Renting a Home | When I'm 64: Benefits for Older Adults | When I'm 64: Services for Older Adults

*Terresa previously served as Executive Director and Publications Coordinato for The People's Law School: Public Legal Education Society of BC and former chair of the National Association of PLE developers 2010 - 2015. Access the publications listed above at Clicklaw.bc.ca and/or People's Law School.

We CrEaTe content for education and information purposes.


FACTS not RANTS, a memoir about physical and sexual abuse, legal loopholes and interference by others | April 2020 | 
Storyteller writes: "Terresa was just the person I needed to put this memoir together. She  was totally empathetic to the message I was trying to make and understood when it became very difficult for me near the end as I realized how abandoned my daughter and  other survivors  of sexual abuse have been by the Canadian justice system - Thanks Terresa."

TREESAW, an anthology of re-Membering, re-learning and re-Covery.


The Adventures of Maddie Leon. Middle-grade reader about staying true to yourself despite all the changes and challenges that life offers up. Join Maddie, Wynn, Jojo and Victor for adventures that span continents and circumstances. Maddie sensed something was up . . . http://taledi.ca/verissmus/  

The Upper Deck, a 2-act play about losing and finding self.
On the sixth day of a 3-week cruise from New York to Dublin, as the ship crosses the Atlantic Ocean, four seemingly different people become entangled in their shared state of despair.

Wynn the Peruvian Dog goes to <see list of places Wynn goes below>.
Primary reader to increase global and cultural awareness.

Cape Coast, Ghana | Phnom Penh, Cambodia | Dublin, Ireland | Montreal, Canada | Lhasa, Tibet | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | Tokyo, Japan | Bristol, England | Edinburgh, Scotland | Paris, France | Brugge, Belgium | Amsterdam, Holland | Marakessh, Morocco | Chiang Mai, Thailand | Dogon Country, Mali | Varansi, India | Katmandu, Nepal | Porto, Portugal | New York, New York | Seattle, Washington | Vancouver, British Columbia | Winnipeg, Manitoba


Leadership in Canada, Post-graduate literature review in collaboration with Dr. Tim McIntosh, author Leadership Peruvian Style

Leadership in a Cross-Cultural Context(LinCC), A+ Graduate thesis

Leadership for Leaders blog

Classroom and Community Curriculum related to: Entrepreneurialism
| Leadership in a Non-Profit Environment |Computerized Business Applications | Graphic Design | Page Layout and Design | English Language | Mentorship | Career Development | Business Management | Mental Wellness

Crews-on-Site Distribution skills training and job placement program for persons with acquired brain injury

We record and PuBLiSH content for education and information purposes
in digital and traditional formats.

Law Related Lessons for English as 2nd Language Learners: Driving in BC

Public Legal Education and Information (PLEI): Questioning a Witness

Preparing for Court

PLEI: Using Documents in Court

Overview of the Legislative Changes Five videos (1 of 5 attached) produced for Public Guardian and Trustees of British Columbia to improve understanding of BC's Adult Guardianship Act, role of key responders and use of the "Decision Tree" to assist abused, neglected or self-neglected adults.
Civil Resolution Tribunal 'launch' video (no longer in distribution)

We CoACH you through the digital and traditional publishing spectrum.

            • idea clarification
            • script development
            • content curation
            • writing review
            • videography
            • publishing
            • marketing
            • distribution


Terresa Augustine, managing director
terresa @ taledi . ca | 778 . 998 . 5420 

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