TaLedi contributes to community projects and programs at home, abroad and online.  updated July, 2019


  • Canada Executive Services Organization (09 – 19) deploys experts to businesses, communities, govts. and individuals to strengthen their capacity
  • Catholic Charities (03 – 19) social services and supports
  • Covenant House (10 – 19) helps youth who have fled abuse, been forced from their homes or have aged out of foster care 
  • Metis Nation British Columbia (16 – 18) develops and enhances opportunities for Metis Chartered communities and Metis people
  • Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries (12 – 19) equips people of faith to support mental health and mental health recovery in their community 
  • St. Andrew’s Wesley (13 – 18) an affirming and inclusive church in the heart of Vancouver 
  • St. Paul’s Foundation (17 – 19) helps patients, families and Providence healthcare departments throughout BC
  • St. Paul’s United Church (19)
  • St. Paul’s Anglican Church (07 – 13) 
  • Union Gospel Mission (10 – 17) programs aims to restore the God-given dignity of people in need


  • Doctors without Borders (03 – 19) provides emergency medical services to communities and nations in crisis
  • Canadian Red Cross (03 – 19) provides local, national and international disasters relief 
  • World Vision (03 – 19) works with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice all over the world
  • Canadian Executive Services Organization (CESO-SACO) (09 – 19) an international development organization working in Canada and around the world to reduce poverty through economic development
  • SAI (00 – 07) established portable libraries and learning spaces in W-E-C Africa


  • Open Media a network of people and organizations working to safeguard the possibilities of the open Internet
  • Wikipedia is a collaborative free encyclopedia open to anyone, anywhere
  • Mozilla strives to keep the Internet a global public resource, open and accessible to all

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