The Adventures of Maddie Leon is a 47,000-word contemporary fiction for middle grade readers, with supplementary social studies and career exploration lessons.

 Maddie’s moving. Not across town or the country – no she is moving from Vancouver to Lima, Peru. Now she must figure out a new culture, another language, 
and go to a preppy tech school – without any friends!
 Then she meets Jojo Kofi Afram, rescues Wynn from a street dog’s life, and gets inspired to create a new line of Maddily Modified fashion. Life should be great – but it is not. As usual, her parents have abandoned her for another cultural anthropology project. She is left to struggle in a STEM program that is squeezing out her creativity, while suffering under the damaging affects of El Nino’s steady rainfall. 
 When circumstances prevent her dad from travelling with her grandmother GG - she and Wynn get to go to Paris! All seems good until Victor - grandson of GG’s 
school friend vies for Wynn’s affection. Thinking her life cannot get any worse, an agreement is made for Victor and his grandmother, recently diagnosed with 
Alzheimer’s disease, to come live with them in Lima!
 Growing up feels like a roller coaster without a coaster. So much change and uncertainty is downright difficult.   

What do middle grade readers say about The Adventures of Maddie Leon?

“She wouldn’t put it down,” says the grandmother of 10-year-old.
What’s going to happen next?” asks an 11-year-old girl.
Mom, I want a dog like Wynn!” pleads a 9-year-old boy.

Acclaimed authors also have their say.

Wow! This is good, timely and needed … for the kids, parents, and teachers,”
says Order of Canada recipient for literacy.
Brilliant! Love the layers. Make sure you get this out there,”
said a Giller prize finalist during a writer’s retreat.

The Adventures of Maddie Leon
print and digital formats – available in 2020.
To order your copy, contact terresa @ taledi . ca.