The Adventures of Maddie Leon: A Continental Shift

Life as she likes it is busted when Maddie’s parents accept a cultural anthropology assignment in Peru. Moving from Vancouver to Lima sucks. Then she meets Jojo Kofi Afram, another culturally uprooted kid, rescues Wynn from a dog’s life on the streets, and discovers new ways to pursue her dream of becoming an eco-fashion designer. 

Life should be good – but its not! It’s plagued with change, confusion, and uncertainty that risks becoming catastrophic when Victor and his grandmother add another culture into her life. 

Follow The Adventures of Maddie Leon and her friends through change, uncertainty and cultural confusion.

The Upper Deck: A philosophical script about finding yourself before its too late.

In the year 2018, on the sixth day of a 27-day cruise from New York to Dublin, a luxury liner crosses the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean and three cruisers along with the Upper Deck bartender find themselves on an unexpected journey. Through moments of civility, crisis, and compassion, they discover their commonality and hope. 

Wynn the Peruvian Dog

Wynn is a rescue dog and much loved companion of Maddie Leon. Wynn’s natural traits of curiosity and kindness let her SEE and HEAR what people can miss if they rely only on their mind and opinion to inform them.

Wynn the Peruvian Dog is a series of short adventures stories that introduce early readers to the benefit of listening and observing others before speaking or acting.

Follow Wynn the Peruvian Dog as she enjoys life with Maddie Leon at


Silenced not Quieted
A memoir about sexual abuse and interference  | June 2020

Storyteller writes: “Terresa was just the person I needed to put this memoir together. She was totally empathetic to the message I was trying to make and understood when it became very difficult for me near the end as I realized how abandoned my daughter and other survivors of sexual abuse have been by the Canadian justice system – Thanks Terresa.

Memoir picked up by W5 Investigative Reporter. Aired February, 2022. Google “Hush Money” to view.


Post-graduate literature review “Leadership in Canada”, with Dr. Tim McIntosh, author Leadership Peruvian Style
A+ graduate thesis Leadership in a Cross-Cultural Context 
Leadership for Leaders blog 

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