Jojo Kofi Afram’s Culturally Twisted Cookbook

for tweens, teens, + wannabees

Jojo Kofi Afram is a fictious character you can read about in the The Adventures of Maddie Leon.

Born in Ghana, West Africa, Jojo spent his early teens travelling with his parents.  On a trip from Toronto, Canada to Lima, Peru, he meet Maddie Leon.

Jojo’s culturally twisted cuisine draws attention to cultural uniqueness and sameness. Through facts, resources, and recipes, you can learn how a cultures unique way of preparing and serving foods we all love to eat brings us closer. 

Hungry for tacos, cakes or pizza? Visit to learn more and start preparing culturally twisted cuisine. 

Public Legal Education and Information (PLEI)*
for citizens, schools, communities, and workplaces 

*Terresa served as Executive Director of the People’s Law School: Public Legal Education Society of BC from 2010 – 2015 years. Area of responsibility included  modernizing social and digital media, curating and modernizing publications  (PLEI). Topics included (but not limited to: fundamentals of the law in canada and british columbia, family law, young people and the law, older people and the law, employment law,  business law (focus on non-profit business), consumer law,. PLEI was produced in ebook, wikibook, video, animation formats in languages that included  French, Chinese, Tagalog, Spanish, other) . Most products remain available  at and in original or revised versions.

During her time at the People’s Law School, Terresa served as a member and vice-chair of Bully-Free BC and provided content review for WorkSafe BC’s Toolkit ‘Toward a Respectful Workplace: A handbook on preventing and addressing workplace bullying and harassment’  (published 2013). This publication and supporting resources are available in digital format through the link above or contact WorkSafe BC  at 1.866.319.9704 to purchase a print copy

Career Planning and Development
for students (K-tertiary), employers, employees and sector councils 

*Terresa served as Executive Director of  BC’s Labour Market and Career Information Association  (later known as) BC Career Management Association from 2001 – 2005. Nominated to represent BC on Canada’s National Integrated Delivery Strategy* (a stakeholder committee comprised of representatives from the Government of Canada, Sectors Councils, Ministries of Education, and Career Development) from 2004 – 2006 , chaired BC’s Career Information Partnership (BCCIP) network  and BC’s annual career development conferences (2001 – 2005).  In these roles, Terresa curated, wrote, published, and distributed career information, tools, and resources for students, career practitioners, employers, employees, and sector councils.

*Canada’s National Integrated Delivery Strategy (NIDS) focused on addressing present and projected skills gap in the Canadian labour market through improved access to training, career exploration, and career management.