TaLedi has been given back to community through social initiatives since 2003. Terresa Augustine, Managing Director of TaLedi Enterprise has been advising, mentoring and supporting entrepreneurs, social enterprise development and projects for 25+ years. Her legacy project,  Maddie-and-Wynn reFashioned Fashion complements her  novel for middle grade readers – The Adventures of Maddie Leon: A Continental Shift.

Maddie and Wynn’s reFashioned Fashion aims to reduce the volume of reusable textiles sent to landfills by upcyling, refashioning and repurposing fashion for teens, young adults, foodies, and small pups too,  while creating socio-economic opportunities for eco-fashion designers and reFashionists. Maddie and Wynn reFashioned Fashion is produced in community, using reclaimed fashion, textiles, and accessories. reFashioned fashion is deconstructed, then reconstructed by refashionists who  benefit from social connection, business and marketing support, and income generation while contributing to the environmental urgency for a more sustainable fashion industry. 

To become an independent reFashionists or to establish a reFashion Circle in your community or learn more about this social enterprise* contact terresa @ taledi.ca.  

*Social Enterprises are revenue-generating businesses operated by NPOs or for-profit company. A social enterprise has two goals: 1. to achieve social, cultural, community economic and/or environmental outcomes; and,  2. to earn revenue to sustain the social initiative. On the surface, many social enterprises look, feel, and even operate like traditional businesses. But more deeply, they are mission focused  (from The Centre for Community Enterprise).

Visit The Adventures of Maddie Leon to learn more about Maddie-and-Wynn and their companions.