Facilitator, Mental Health First Aid – Standard (MHFA)
12 hours in-classroom, or
8 hours virtual  (2 hours independent, 6 hours via ZOOM)

All MHFA courses based on the Standard training.  Additional training available for  Police, Seniors, Adults who interact with Youth, Northern Peoples, Inuit, First Nations and Veterans.

MHFA is the help provided to a person developing a mental health problem, experiencing a mental health crisis, or a worsening of their mental health.

Active in 25 countries since 2002. More than 500,000 Canadians have been trained since 2007.

Contact Terresa Augustine or visit mhfa.ca for more information and scheduled courses. Virtual courses can be scheduled to meet your groups needs.

Advisor, Canada’s Executive Services Organization (CESO)
Mentor, CESOs Indigeneous Mentorship Program.

CESO is recruiting advisors and mentors in multiple disciplines, sectors and industries.
Contact ceso-saco.com for more information.

      Master of Arts in Leadership (MaL)
      A+ Thesis: Leadership in a Cross-Cultural Context 
     Career Development Diploma
     Indigeneous Studies
     Provincial Instructors’ Diploma
     Career Development Practitioner
     Mental Health First Aid – Standard Facilitator
     Mental Health in the Community Coach

     Lay Leadership Committee member,
     Pacific Northwest Regional Council of the United Church

     past Executive Director, People’s Law School
      (The Public Legal Education Society of BC)

     former, President and member Public Legal Education Society of Cdn.

     former, board member and director, Union Gospel Mission

     former, Executive Director Career Management Association of BC,
     past-Chair, BC Career Information Partnership Network
     steering committee adviser, Canada’s National Integrated Delivery Strategy