TaLedi Enterprise, a division of TaLedi Enterprise Development Inc. has been contributing talent and resources to social initiatives in Canada and abroad since 2003. 

Current projects include:
– steering Maddie-and-Wynn’s change, culture and careers project  (2020 – to date). See Maddie and Wynn this website or visit maddie-and-wynn.com.
– championing social enterprise and community development  initiatives  (2003 – to date) . See  Mentoring and Coaching this website.
– advising and mentoring entrepreneurs, corporations and communities (2003 – to date). See  Mentoring and Coaching this website.

Terresa serves as Managing Director of TaLedi Enterprise and has been guiding profit, non-profit organizations, indigenous and NGOs in Canada and abroad for 30 years. Her practical experience (see LinkedIn), is complemented by formal education that includes:

Master of Arts in Leadership (MaL); A+ Thesis: Leadership in a Cross-Cultural Context, Career Development Diploma
Business Admin, Endorsed Instructors’ Diploma,  Education for Ministry, Indigenous Studies, IS, Digital Technology, CBA, Sustainable Fashion
Career Development Practitioner, Mental Health First Aid (MFHA) – Virtual and Standard  (Core) Facilitator, Mental Health in the Community Coach