TaLedi Enterprise, a division of TaLedi Enterprise Development Inc., has been contributing talent and resources to social development initiatives in Canada and abroad since 2003. 

Projects include but not limited to:

– steering maddie-and wynn refashioned fashion social enterprise (2020 – to date). See Upcycled Fashion this website. 
– championing social enterprise and community development  initiatives  (2003 – to date)   See Capacity Building this website.
– advising and mentoring entrepreneurs, corporations and communities (2003 – to date). See Capacity Building.
– delivering Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)  (2018 – to date).  See Mental Health First Aid this website.

Terresa serves as Managing Director of TaLedi Enterprise and has been guiding profit, non-profit organizations, indigenous and NGOs in Canada and abroad for 25 years. Her practical experience (see LinkedIn), is complemented by formal education that includes:

      Master of Arts in Leadership (MaL); A+ Thesis: Leadership in a Cross-Cultural Context 
      Career Development Diploma
     Business Administration,  Endorsed Provincial Instructors’ Diploma
     Theology (Education for Ministry), Indigenous Studies,
      Information Systems, Digital Technology, Computerized Business Applications,
      Sustainable Fashion
    Career Development Practitioner
    Mental Health First Aid – Virtual Facilitator
    Mental Health First Aid – Standard Facilitator
    Mental Health in the Community Coach